Share Your Story for National Adoption Month!

This coming November, National Adoption Month, we have decided to highlight stories of faith and adoption. Please consider sharing how your faith has shaped your adoption journey, or how your adoption journey has shaped your faith! This opportunity is open to Waiting Adoptive Families, Families in the home study process, Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents and Adoptees. All faith affiliations welcome and encouraged!

200-400 word blog

Picture with a few sentences for social media post

1-3 minute video

Questions to Consider: Were you called to adopt? How did you hear that call and what led you to answer? Why did YOU choose to work with a faith based agency? How has your faith played a role in your adoption journey? How is your faith connected to your identity as a person or family? How does your faith shape how you view adoption? How has the agency’s faith practices or approach impacted your journey, if at all?