October is Respect Life Month!

Posted September 23, 2020

Crosses for the Unborn

October is Respect Life Month. There are 300 crosses on the left side of our church as a Memorial for the Unborn. Each cross represents 8 abortions/day in the U.S. We pray for an end to abortion. We pray for those babies who are with Jesus now in heaven, and we pray for the moms, dads, and all people here on earth who miss those babies. God’s mercy is infinite, so we also pray that the moms and families who have had an abortion seek and find Jesus and His forgiveness, mercy, and healing.
If you need help and healing after an abortion, please contact Project Rachel at 703-841-2504 or 1-888-456-HOPE or email info@helpafterabortion.org and https://hopeafterabortion.com/
If you are pregnant or a new mom and need help, please contact Project Gabriel at (703) 841-3810 or at GabrielProject@arlingtondiocese.org


Life Chain in Leesburg – Sunday, October 4 at 2 – 3:20PM

Join fellow pro-lifers on October 4 for the Leesburg Life Chain at 2 PM on King Street in Leesburg adjacent to St John the Apostle. Signs are provided though bringing your own is great too. This is a wonderful opportunity to transition from the pew to the sidewalk advocating for the unborn. No athletic achievements required; we spread out, trying to cover as many blocks as possible to create a sense of volume, and testify quietly and prayerfully. 1600 Life Chains are held concurrently across the nation; a long chain is more likely to create serious conversation for passing motorists as little Melissa in the back seat queries Daddy-driver on what those signs are about. Block upon block coverage requires folks who care, so please attend. We will wrap up at 3:20 with a group picture. Grandma can bring a chair and hold the little one.

Life Chain is a national event held in numerous communities on Respect Life Sunday. For more information about Life Chain, please check out NationalLifeChain.org. For information about the Leesburg event, please contact Matt Zolbe at matt.zolbe@motivus.org or 646.271.5094.



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