Pilgrim Virgin Statue – Sign up for a visit – Sponsored by the Legion of Mary

Posted November 18, 2020


Hosting the Pilgrim Virgin statue is a beautiful way to honor Jesus and Our Lady, to invite God’s blessings into your home, and to unite your family in prayer. But is your family ready for the commitment? Is there room for the Pilgrim Virgin in the mess of your everyday life? Is your home “Catholic” enough? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES!!!

First, scroll down and click on the Signup Genius link below. A member of the Legion will call you to set up an available day and time. Next, prepare a place of honor before the PVS arrives, such as a table, mantel, or bookshelf. You can add a small tablecloth, a rosary, candles, and flowers. On the day of arrival, two members of the Legion will bring the Pilgrim Virgin to your home. They will help set her up in the place you have prepared and guide you through a welcome prayer ceremony that takes about 20 minutes.

What now? So, what do you do all week while the Pilgrim Virgin statue is in your home? The simple answer is this: spend time with your honored guest. Pray the rosary each day together as a family. Don’t be discouraged by distracted and cranky children (or adults). Just PRAY the rosary each day. And don’t stop there! Pause throughout your day as you pass by the statue, and just say “hello.” Offer a silent Hail Mary; ask Mary to help you or to pray for a special intention. She’s a GREAT listener, and she LOVES to rain down God’s graces on those who ask. At the end of your week, the legionaries return for a farewell prayer ceremony.

There have been many benefits and little miracles given during the visit of Our Lady’s statue, such as family members returning to the Church, job offers, health improvement, and increased family peace and family prayer. The Pilgrim Virgin statue is a beautiful, tangible reminder that Mary is really and truly present in your home and active in your daily lives. Please consider inviting her into your home today.

Please use the following link to sign-up through signup genius: