Unplanned – Countryside Regal: March 28 – April 13

Posted March 25, 2019

Unplanned is the inspiring story of Abby Johnson’s conversion from a Planned Parenthood clinic director, involved in over 22,000 abortions, to one of the most ardent Pro-Life speakers in the US. This movie will be shown at theaters across the country starting March 29. Locally it will be at Countryside Regal Cinema. The film shows that even the most hardened abortion-minded person can be turned around through the power of prayer. Though rated R for some bloody images, there are no scenes that would scandalize teens. We hope that parents will take their teens to see this film which the movie industry doesn’t want anyone to see. Though a teen-age girl is restricted from viewing the film without parental or guardian accompaniment, there is no restriction on her obtaining an abortion without even consulting her parents.

From Bishop Burbidge:

The movie, Unplanned,opens in theaters next week, and it’s been given an “R” rating because of its disturbing/blood images. Bishop Burbidge thinks this rating might actually be a way to keep young people from seeing the realities of abortion. He encourages the faithful to watch the film.

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