You(th) vs. Hunger 2017: Sign-Ups begin Monday, February 27 at 10:00AM

Posted October 12, 2016

APRIL 1, 2017 – Saint Theresa Youths Fights Hunger

You(th) Vs. Hunger is a food packaging ministry in coordination with Cross Catholic Outreach. It brings people together to feed the hungry in countries around the world. The food is an innovative and nutritious blend of rice, beans, soy, dried vegetables and vitamins or macaroni and cheese and vitamins. A single bag yields 6 complete meals. Our volunteers will take ingredients packaged in bulk and measure and weigh them to make individual bags of a complete meal.

We will have volunteers as young as 5 years of age and as old as over 100 years of age package food. Children from 3 years or older who do not want to package will be in the preschool room making cards to put in the boxes. There will be a nursery for children younger than 3.

Each meal cost $0.25, so we need to raise ~ $25,000 for 100,000 meals. You can donate online. It is a 1-day annual event, from 8 AM – 4 PM where about 12-14 tables with 12-15 volunteers at each table will form an assembly line to package the food into individual bags in 1 to 2 hour shifts. We will need 400+ volunteers that day!

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Sign up will go live on Monday, February 27 at 10 AM.

Click here to sign up to help:

  • pack food at a table
  • be a runner to refill supplies to the tables
  • Check-in a session of volunteers
  • Provide child-care for the nursery or preschool rooms: MUST be VIRTUS certified

If you have children under 5, please sign them up to be in our childcare room here.

See our past event:

GymOn April 9, 2016, Saint Theresa Parish came together to package 100,000 meals for shipment to desperately poor children overseas. Each meal cost 25¢, so the Parish’s You(th) vs Hunger team worked the preceding year to raise $25,000 before the event. Thank you to St. Theresa School, St. Theresa Religious Education program, Divine Mercy Outreach, the Knights of Columbus, those who bought donuts, and the individual donors for helping us meet our goal!

Over four 2-hour shifts from 8 am – 4 pm, over 600 volunteers from the parish used an assembly line process to do the packing. We took bulk ingredients, measuring and weighing them, and combined those ingredients into smaller meal packets for easier transportation, storage and use. Every meal packet we made will feed a family of six. The packets are comprised of rice, fortified soy protein, vegetables, and essential vitamins & minerals to make a nutritionally complete meal.

It was a great volunteer opportunity for the whole family.  Kids as young as 5 years old helped package the food.  There was a preschool room and nursery room set up for kids younger than 5.

The parish’s food packing event was only the beginning! Cross Catholic Outreach picked up our prepared meals for shipment and delivery to the poorest of the poor in Haiti, Guatemala and the other countries the ministry serves. It will go to the country that needs it most at the time it is ready to be shipped. Since Cross distributes through existing parishes and Catholic missions overseas, our outreach will be a big blessKids helping kidsing to the priests and nuns working “in the trenches” among the poor.

The food has an impact well beyond feeding the hungry, too. It is an instrumental part of other Catholic outreaches, including schools and medical programs. Students who come to school hungry become healthier and more productive with these nutritious meals, and ill patients need this vitamin-packed food to heal and recover. Food shipped by Cross Catholic Outreach has a spiritual impact as well, because the charity’s partners are all involved in Catholic formation and committed to the New Evangelization.

In the Year of Mercy, it was great to see our parish come together to feed the hungry.

We are hoping to make You(th) vs Hunger an annual event.  If you would like to get involved with the committee to help plan and fundraise, please contact Rachel Revelle at