Confession Facts

Posted August 11, 2019

How often am I supposed to go to confession?

The Church teaches that we should go to confession at least once per year. Of course, more often is even better.  Once per year is considered the minimum standard, but we also should go to confession in order to stay in a state of grace.  If we have a serious sin on our soul, before receiving Holy Communion, we ought to go to confession.  At St. Theresa, confessions are on Thursday evening at 8:00 and on Saturday afternoon at 4:00.  Please come and take advantage of it.  Priests are very used to helping people no matter the circumstances.


During confession, if I forgot to confess a sin, is it still forgiven?

We ought to do our best to prepare for confession by examining our conscience and reviewing what sins we need to confess. We cannot intentionally omit something, particularly a serious sin, or else the confession does not forgive our sins.  However, sometimes a person intended to say something, and it was not a grave sin, but in the moment forgot to mention it or remembered right after the confession is over.  In that case, the sin is still forgiven and does not need to be brought up in confession again.