Religious Education (K-8)

The Religious Education Office is located at 21370 St. Theresa Lane, Ashburn, Virginia.

Office Hours are: Downloads:
Mondays  – 10:00AM-7:30PM

Tues. & Wed. – 10:00AM-6:00PM

Thursdays – 9:00AM-4:00PM

Fridays – 9:00AM-Noon

NOTE: When RE Classes are NOT in session, the RE office is open from 9:00AM-4:00PM.

RE 2024-2025 Handbook

RE 2024-2025 Calendar

RE Classroom Assignments

Chastity Formation Opt-Out Form

RE Drop Off – Elementary Wing

RE Drop Off – Middle School Wing

RE Pick Up – Elementary Wing

RE Pick-Up – Middle School Wing


Please see the Weekly Bulletin and the calendar below for all current activities.

In the event of inclement weather, we follow the Loudoun County Schools. If Loudoun classes are cancelled, dismissed early, or after-school activities for the entire county are cancelled, RE classes are cancelled for that day.

The following are the required documents for Confirmation Candidates.  To access the documents just click on the bold title of the document.

For the 7th Grade Confirmation Candidates:

Parent Meeting Handout

Saint Report Guidelines – Report Due–April 18, 2024

Review Sheet for Bible Passages

Quiz on Bible Verses

Review Sheet for Christian Prayers

For 8th Grade Confirmation Candidates:

Spiritual Activity Guidelines Due–October 5, 2023

Works of Mercy  Due–December 7, 2023

Letter to the Bishop Guidelines  Due–March 7, 2024

Sponsor Form  Due–April  11, 2024

The Mass: A Guide for Young People

Confirmation Quiz – Mass Responses and Prayers

Review Sheet – Pillars and Precepts

For 9th Grade Confirmation Candidates:

Interview Review Sheet

Preparation for First Holy Communion is normally a two-year process here at St. Theresa’s.  It begins in 1st grade, and then students receive both their First Holy Communion and First Penance during 2nd grade (First Penance is usually received around the month of February, and First Holy Communion is celebrated in late April / early May).

Sacramental “catch-up” classes are available for older students who have not attended Religious Education classes in 1st or 2nd grade.  Classes are offered for older Elementary school students (grades 3-5) and Middle school students (grades 6-8) separately.  These classes complete the preparation for the Sacraments in one year, with students receiving them during the same time of year as the 2nd graders.

Formation in our Catholic Faith is a lifelong process.  After receiving First Penance and First Holy Communion, the next Sacrament students will receive is Confirmation.  Please make sure your child continues to attend RE classes so that they do not fall behind prior to their prep for Confirmation.  A remedial test or some other form of evaluation may be necessary if they miss multiple years of RE prior to starting their Confirmation prep.  This could prevent them from receiving their Confirmation with their peers.  Please note that this applies to RE students, but not students enrolled in Catholic school, as daily Religion class is part of their curriculum.

First Holy Communion Preparation Documents:

First Holy Communion Preparation Agreement

Mass Assignments 2024


January Parent Meeting Handout

The Holy Eucharist is the Whole Christ Article

2024-2025 Registration


Registration of the family with the parish must be completed prior to enrolling in religious education. The Parish ID number is necessary for the enrollment process. The Parish ID number can be obtained from your offering envelopes, or by contacting the Religious Education Office at 703-729-3714.

Registrations are considered complete when:

  1. Online form is submitted.
  2. Online payment is complete.
  3. For new students:
    • a copy of the baptismal certificate and
    • if applicable, a letter from the previous parish where your child(ren) received religious education stating what years & grades they attended and completed.
  4. By submitting your registration, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

    I have read and accept the information and directives outlined in the Parent’s Handbook for the Religious Education Program at St. Theresa Catholic Church especially regarding the following:

    1. Attendance
    2. Homework
    3. Dress Code

    I intend to cooperate with the Religious Education Staff, teachers, and volunteers as they assist me in instructing my child(ren) in the Catholic Faith.



Registration Form Notes: 

-“Head of Household” field should match your parish registration.  For two-parent families, this will be the male parent.

-Please select the correct grade.  For instance, a 5th grade student should be registered for 5MA, 5TA, 5WA, etc.

-“Emergency Contact” must be somebody other than the parent.

Registration Form 

Payment Form – Use this to pay online for your registration


Volunteer Form – Use this to volunteer

Volunteer Description Form – A description of all RE volunteer positions.

All persons working for the parish or volunteering with children in the parish (RE, sports, school, Youth Ministry, scouting, etc.) will receive an email of acceptance with a link to fill out the proper forms online for compliancy. Please contact Connie Gilligan, Parish Child Safety Coordinator, at or call 703-729-3714 for further information.

Along with compliancy, all must register and attend the original VIRTUS course. Registration and sign-up can be found at