About Divine Mercy Outreach


The mission of Divine Mercy Outreach is to demonstrate the mercy of Christ by our support of those in need throughout the local community.

Email:  dmoutreach@sainttheresaparish.com

Office: 703-729-2334

In 2005, Christina Harrington, Christine Wilson and Marianne Guidos, parishioners of St. Theresa Parish, felt called by God to start a ministry to assist others. This ministry has grown substantially in the past ten years, and now contributes to the efforts to provide help for the less fortunate in Loudoun County. Through the generous donation of our parishioners, and volunteers who so willingly share their time, talents and skills Divine Mercy Outreach was able to assist with $164,454.00 in 2016.

Divine Mercy Outreach Food Programs attends to the needs of parishioners and persons of Loudon County seeking assistance.  It has been assisting the needy of Loudoun County through parish efforts and providing assistance to Catholic Charities and other charitable organizations for over ten years.

Divine Mercy Outreach helps families who are facing emergencies such as evictions or utilities about to be disconnected. We also assist those who are sleeping on the floor because they don’t have a bed, those who need help to feed their families, those who need help with clothing, those who are moving from a homeless shelter into a new beginning and many others in our community facing extraordinary difficulties in their life.



  • Those individuals and families experiencing difficulties.
  • Those who are transitioning from shelters to homes or apartments.
  • By helping and encouraging individuals and families to become self sufficient.
  • By assisting local organizations who help the homeless.
  • By extending Christ’s love, mercy and compassion to others.


  • New twin, full and queen size box springs and mattresses
  • New Cribs
  • Comforters, bed sheets, blankets, mattress pads (new or gently used) and pillows(new)
  • Kitchen table and chairs
  • Emergency assistance with rent and utilities
  • Clothing
  • Gift cards
  • Meals for families of parishioners in need of temporary support
  • Assistance for migrant workers
  • A food pantry for emergency assistance
(Christina Harrington, Marianne Guidos, and Christine Wilson)

Please Note:  Availability of the items listed above is dependent on the generous donations of our parishioners and the needs of persons approaching the office.  Please contact the Divine Mercy Outreach Office so we can assist in determining your needs.  Also, our inventory varies, so all items may not be available at all times.  Needs are met based on availability of resources and at the discretion of the Divine Mercy Office.



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  • Linens: Bed sheets, comforters and blankets (twin/full/queen) including mattress pads, (new or gently used)and bed pillows (new only) Please indicate on the bag what size.
  • Furniture: kitchen table and chairs (No broken items, or stained/torn cloth seats.)
  • Miscellaneous: Food donations for needy families and gift cards for Wal-Mart, Target and local grocery stores as well as gas gift cards. Gift cards in small value for local sandwich/coffee shops helpful for those who are homeless seeking food and warmth.
  • Monetary donations accepted to help families in crisis; those about to be evicted, utilities about to be disconnected, or to assist us in purchasing beds and cribs.
  • Clothing Donations (toddler-high school) See clothing tab for drop off locations. Please do not leave clothing at church

Other donations can be dropped off at the church in the Outreach box.  Gift cards or monetary donations (made payable to Divine Mercy Outreach) can be dropped off or mailed to the parish office (43367 Icepond Drive, Ashburn, VA 20147) or place in the black lock box at church.  Contact Maura Heppes at 703-729-0170 or via e-mail at mlheppes@gmail.com.  If you have furniture donations, please contact Eric Baird at 703-300-8720 or via e-mail at furniture@sainttheresaparish.com

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Loan Jella               Storage Coordinator Administrative Assistant



We are blessed to have the talents and time of these wonderful volunteers!



Farida Milton Administrative Assistant
Carina Rodriguez            Clothing Coordinator
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Susan Burns Administrative Assistant





Gerry & Mara Heppes Clothing coordinators


Marianne Guidos, Director Divine Mercy Outreach

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Do you have any questions regarding Divine Mercy Outreach?  Contact Marianne Guidos via e-mail at dmoutreach@sainttheresaparish.com or by telephone at 703-729-2334.