Beds & Bedding Ministry

Bed/Furniture Ministry

There are many individuals and families who are sleeping on the floor.  A good night sleep is important for physical and emotional wellness. We offer new beds to individuals and families in Loudoun County who are moving out of shelters, and to families in need. Must be referred by a social worker or church ministry and be sustainable.

If you do not have a social worker and need a referral, contact Dept. of Family Services 703-777-0353 or Catholic Charities at 703-443-2481.


Social workers and churches are welcome to make a referral to us at or by contacting Marianne Guidos at 703-729-2334 or 571-332-6533.


Many folks face the challenges of losing their homes and furniture…and end up on the street or in a shelter.

Here’s a way you can help:

Monetary donations help purchase beds and cribs, (Go to Donate now on our website) $150 purchases a bed for child or a crib for an infant. Checks also accepted. Any amount even $1 makes a difference. Make payable to Divine Mercy Outreach and place them in our lock boxes at church or drop off or mail to the parish office.

Donations of new bedding and new or gently used blankets (twin, full/double, queen, especially twin size) are needed!

Donations of New Pillows

Pillows, blankets and bedding can be dropped off in our outreach boxes at church. Please indicate the size of the bedding on the bag.

Many thanks!


Volunteer your time! We need volunteers to deliver mattresses and box springs to families. If you have a mini-van, SUV, or trailer hitch (we have a trailer that can be used), please consider donating your time to help. If you don’t have a large enough vehicle to help but can offer to help move the items, please let us know. You can truly make a difference in the life of someone who is struggling. Join this group of awesome volunteers by contacting: Karen Daniel at 806-341-1798 or