Divine Mercy Outreach

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DMO September 2015 Newsletter


Would you like to help those in need in our community?  Sign up to be placed on our Outreach email list at dmoutreach@sainttheresaparish.com  Please look at the side menu for the different programs and the many ways you can assist.

Project ideas for teens

  • Hold a coat drive for our Merciful Harvest event
  • Food drive for Backpack Buddies program to help feed children in need
  • School supply drive to help children in need
  • Laundry soap and cleaning product drive
  • New pillow and or mattress cover drive to support our bed ministry helping those in need

Delivery Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to take items such as beds, bedding, kitchen tables and chairs, misc household items, groceries or other items to families in need. This is a wonderful way to show Christ’s love to others.  Please consider helping those less fortunate.

Do you have a truck, trailer hitch(we have a trailer), SUV or minivan to help us transport beds and tables? Contact Una Giachinta at 571-217-7551 or furniture@sainttheresaparish.com

Please take a moment to read this beautiful letter written in thanks for the help she was given.

Marianne, DMO and St. Theresa’s:

I can’t say thank you enough to you how much your help has meant to our family over the last month.
We are so appreciative, there really, truly is no words.
I have to admit that since last week I have been praying specifically for a miracle to get through what the next couple months hold.  God has already helped us get through many other tough times in the last few years, so I would have definitely not expected Him to be able to help yet again.  My rent is due tomorrow and I have negative money in my bank account.  Still I have to say I trusted God to help us with this miracle.  I even told Him this morning “ok, God I guess if you are going to show us this miracle you are leaving it down to the wire, huh?”  It will be ok though we will make it, I have faith.
When Marianne called out of the blue (I’m tearing up writing this)….I lost it.  Once again the Lord has proven His existence to me.  Unbelievable, as only He can be unbelievable.  And He has spoken to our family through you, St. Theresa’s Catholic Church and everyone who has ever helped through Divine Mercy Outreach.  I am so, so grateful, but mostly I am in awe of Him.  This isn’t the first time the Lord has helped us out in a potentially terrible situation.
I love my children more than words can say, as everyone does, and I want them to have the best life possible.  That is what my life is about now, being a mother to three amazing children God has entrusted to me.  And I feel so blessed to be their mom.
Through your help I have been able to finish college, feed my children and give them a Christmas that they deserve.  We have so many angels helping us and it gives me hope.  Our lives have already improved immensely since my graduation from college and I know it will only get better as time goes on (especially when my youngest is out of daycare. 😉
I am a little less scared of what the future holds because God has shown me not to be scared, through you.  Although we don’t have family to help we have many other people, that through God, will help us to pick us up in difficult times and also embrace and enjoy the good times with us.
I thank you truly from the bottom of my heart one million times.  And know that your help is more appreciated than you may ever understand.

Thank you,

(A mom in need)