Live Christ Share Christ

What is Live Christ Share Christ (LCSC)?

The Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) movement is our parishioner’s response to the New Evangelization. It is a movement for evangelization and renewal that is based in our parish. Its work is for, by and on behalf of our parish. Its goal is to bring all Catholics back to an active involvement in the Church, and to start to deepen the faith of those who are already in the parish.

There are 4 basic elements in the LCSC logo.

  • The Cross: Our task is to proclaim Christ and the salvation he won on the cross. This is the LCSC basic mission of evangelization. Our desire is for all Catholics to know Christ, to live Christ and to share Christ. Christ and his cross are at the very center of our lives and our mission. We live for Christ and we die for Christ (Phil 1:21). The color is red, signifying the precious blood shed by Jesus on the cross, and also the call to us to lay down our very lives for the cause of Christ. It is a call to self-sacrificial love and martyrdom.
  • The Dove: The dove represents the Holy Spirit. We are people who live a life in the Spirit, and who are empowered for mission by the Spirit (Acts 1:8). The color is gold. Through the fire of the Holy Spirit, we are purified (Sir 2:5). We are to be sacrificial offerings to God (Wis 3:6). We look forward to wearing crowns of gold in heaven (Rev 4:4).
  • The Host: The host represents the Eucharist, which is central to our Roman Catholic faith. LCSC is about mainstreaming Catholic lay evangelization. The white color points to the purity of our lives. We are called to a life of holiness (1 Pet 1:15-16). In fact, we are to be perfect just as the heavenly Father is perfect (Mt 5:48).
  • The Star: The star represents Mary, who is the Star of Evangelization. She is crucial to our work of evangelization and mission, being there through salvation history, from Genesis (Gen 3:15) to Revelation (Rev 12:1-7). The star is also a stylized figure of a person leaping and dancing with joy, with Christ in his/her heart and anointed by the Holy Spirit. We reflect the joy of Mary in our life and our mission (Lk 1:47-49).The blue color signifies our consecration as a people to Mary.

What is Life in Christ Seminar (LCS)?

The banner program of LCSC is a Life in Christ Seminar (LCS) retreat, by which Catholics meet Jesus in a personal way, start to live a life in him, and learn how to share him with others through person-to-person evangelization. It is particularly effective in reaching nominal Catholics and the grassroots, who are the majority of Catholics and who are not consistently active in the life of the Church. LCSC aims to bring Catholics into a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, and to bring them back to an active life in the parish.

The LCS basic ingredients are prayers, songs, teachings, group discussion and fellowship.

The LCS helps bring Catholics to transformation in Christ, with a continuing personal relationship with Jesus as Savior and Lord. There is a focus on living a life of holiness and discipleship, through God’s grace and empowerment by the Holy Spirit. Inputs are given for continuing growth in a life in Christ.

What happen after LCS?

After the LCS, for mutual support and encouragement, for continuing formation, and for helping LCS graduates to become an active evangelizers, there will be a monthly prayer meeting in the parish.

Further, LCS graduates are expected to enter into an active life in the parish. As such, the richness of the parish programs, ministry groups (such as Couples For Christ Foundation for Family and Life, Legion of Mary, K of C, Pro-Life, etc), and services are available for them. For those who desire greater growth, they are encourage to join any of these support structures.

Depending on the needs of our parishioners, LCSC also offers various formation programs–Marriage Enrichment Retreats, youth camps, Liturgical Bible Study, Live Pure chastity movement, and various teaching modules.

What is LCSC Covenant?

The covenant describes important aspects of our relationship with God and commitments that we make to Him. This helps LCS graduates to be constantly reminded about the God’s call to us.

Trusting in the Lord’s help and guidance:

1.  I shall live as a follower of Christ.

  • Pray and read the Bible daily.
  • Strive for holiness and Christian perfection.

2.  I shall be a committed and active member of my parish community.

  • Love and serve my parish.
  • Relate in love, loyalty and respect with all parishioners.
  • Actively participate in parish events.
  • Support the parish with my time and finances.

3.  I shall be a witness to the world of God’s love.

  • Build a strong family for Christ.
  • Actively evangelize.
  • Live out and defend the culture of life.
  • Love and care for the poor.

May the Lord Jesus Christ, with the intercession of our blessed Mother Mary, help me to faithfully live this covenant, for His greater honor and glory and for the good of my brothers and sisters. Amen.

How can I join the movement?

For those who are interested to join LCSC, please contact the following parish LCSC coordinators.

Ricky Cornista, email: phone: 571-477-4798

Maidette Cornista, email: phone: 571-420-3428