Parish Prayer List

Dimas Lamp who is battling cancer

Don Hall


Husband, Howard Smith, died on 6 July 2017

Lydia Qian

Michela Grace for complete health and strength and to come home with family soon from NICU

My father Albert Froeschl who is struggling to recover from a post surgical infection.

My husband, Steve McLaughlin- successful cancer treatment

My son Adam

My Son Nilan who has been diagnosed with ADHD and ASD

Prayslie Dcunha

Salvador Batle

Steve Smallwood

Tara O’Brien Bond

Ted M. Hall

Ted M. Hall

Uncle Jack & Auntie Vera

Faithful Departed

Anna Ingram, Grandmother

Candelaria Munoz, one year anniversary on June 22nd

Elpidio Agnazata, Elenor Kabamalan, Virginia Abrillo

Joan Miller

Juanita Regalado

Lagrito Centina

Sandra Elias

Violet Ann, stillborn on September 1, 2017

Walter Martinez