Men’s Discipleship Group

The purpose of the St. Theresa Men’s Discipleship Group is to promote fellowship among all the men of the parish. Our members act to encourage one another to strengthen our faith in Christ and to become better sons, brothers, husbands, fathers and friends. The goals of the Men’s Discipleship Group are to:

  • Promote the Catholic faith through example;
  • Strengthen family values and encourage involvement in the parish by helping the men of our parish in their spiritual development; and
  • Provide a communio of Catholic men to support other men in the shared experience of living our Catholic faith in the modern world and to build Christ-centered friendships.

The Men’s Discipleship Group meets every Sunday evening at 5pm in the St. Louis Martin Conference Room in the parish office building. Any men 18 yrs. and older interested in joining us can contact Deacon Renzette at