“Music is integral to the Funeral rites. It allows the community to express convictions and feelings that word alone may fail to convey. It has the power to console and uplift the mourners and to strengthen the unity of the assembly in faith and love. The texts of the songs chosen for a particular celebration should express the paschal mystery of the Lord’s suffering, death, and triumph over death and should be related to the readings from Scripture.”

Thus, while Funeral music may express “convictions and feelings,” its subject must always be the paschal mystery and it must be related to the readings from Scripture.

Saint Theresa Catholic Church’s Director of Music, Mr. Matthew Ho, will work with you on your music selections for the funeral liturgy.  Once you have been in contact with the funeral home, and a date for the funeral has been arranged with the parish, the family can contact Mr. Matt Ho with their music selections.  Mr. Ho may make recommendations concerning the music selected and guide the family in selections that may be played within a funeral liturgy.  The Music Selections tab above has a list of possibilities.

Mr. Matthew Ho


Entrance Hymns

#129 I Know That My Redeemer Lives (traditional) (sample:
#504 For All the Saints (sample:
#556 I Know That My Redeemer Lives (contemporary – sample:
#557 The Lord is My Light (sample:

Offertory or Communion Hymns

#699 My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (sample:
#758 Jerusalem, My Happy Home (sample:
#679 Only in God (Piano – sample:
#687 You Are Near (sample:
#836 Panis Angelicus (sample:
You Are Mine (Piano – not in hymnal – sample:

Recessional Hymns

#759 Sing with All the Saints in Glory (sample:
#681 We Will Rise Again (sample:
#550 O Loving God (traditional Irish tune of Danny Boy – sample:


#680 Amazing Grace
#673 Be Not Afraid
#671 On Eagle’s Wings
#614 How Great Thou Art
#818 Here I Am, Lord

How is payment arranged for the Music Director, Organist, Vocalist, etc?

The funeral director at the funeral home you are working with will make the arrangements.  Otherwise, the music director will inform you of the fee schedule.

A member of the family would like to sing during the funeral liturgy – is that possible?

When you discuss your musical selections with the Director of Music, he will discuss possibilities of your friend or family member singing from the choir loft.  Musical instruments and vocalists are not permitted to play or sing from the sanctuary.

Our recently deceased really enjoyed this show tune, pop song, country music ballad, etc.  Can we select one of these songs to be played during the liturgy?

Rather than adopting popular secular songs which are inappropriate to a liturgical setting, we should seek out good liturgical music on a paschal theme which can “support, console, and uplift participants and help to create in them a spirit of hope in Christ’s victory over death and in the Christian’s share in that victory.” (Order of Christian Funerals, number 31)

Can we have bagpipes?

Families, depending on custom, sometimes choose to have a bagpiper playing outside of the church building.  This would be permitted.